No, helical gears can't be perpendicular to every other. Helical gears are built to have angled enamel that are cut in a helical gear factory shape. The helix angle establishes the path and angle of the tooth, letting them to have interaction easily and transmit energy concerning parallel or intersecting shafts. The helix angle makes certain right meshing and helpful power transmission by furnishing a gradual call among the gear enamel.

If the helical gears had been to be put perpendicular to each other, the enamel would not be equipped to mesh the right way, ensuing in lousy call, inefficient energy transmission, and amplified put on. Perpendicular placement of helical gears would lead to the teeth to clash and helical gear factory interfere with every single other, leading to possible harm to the gears and the equipment procedure as a whole.

To transmit motion amongst perpendicular shafts, other sorts of gears, this sort of as bevel gears or worm gears, are normally used. These equipment forms are specifically developed for perpendicular shaft arrangements and supply productive energy transmission in these types of configurations.